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  Visa Forms
Tourist Visa Forms Visa Form Download Visa form        

  Tourist Visa
Visa Valid Passport
Visa 1 Application form
Visa 2 Photos ( 35 x 45 mm, white background )
Visa Confirmed return air tickets
Visa Covering letter giving the exact reason of travel and duration of stay
Visa Orignal Bank statement for last 3 months
Visa Sufficient foreign currency or copy of international credit card
Visa Hotel reservations in Israel covering the entire duration of stay
Visa Overseas Insurance covering the entire duration of stay

  Business Visa
Visa Valid Passport
Visa A copy of invitation fax directly from Israel to the Consulate in Mumbai
Visa A letter from the Indian company stating the company profile
Visa Balance sheet of the company
Visa Confirmed return air ticket
Visa Company's bank statement for last 3 months (Orignal)
Visa Original Personal updated bank statement for last three months Or Copy with seal and sign of the bank
Visa Overseas Insurance covering the entire duration of stay

  Visa Fees
Visa Rs. 1000/- for Tourist and Business Visas + VFS charge Rs. 610/-

Note : Further, any change in fees, additional document or personal presence of the applicant might be required which is at the discretion of the Consulate

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